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    Hey all,
    I am a noob and encountered some issues with my RetroPi setup. Hopefully you guys can help answer some of my questions as I navigate this exciting new world.

    – Within Emulationstation there is an option for setting up a controller (or keyboard). What exactly is the purpose of this? Is this setup limited to Emulationstation (i.e. navigating the menus?) or does it actually setup the controller for use in the emulators?

    – Following the tutorials online, I tried configuring my Logitech F310 controller. I went into the Raspberry Pi setup and selected “configure retroarch controller”. However instead of sending me back to the command line, it simple said that “changes would be made to a CFG file” and… that was it. Is this a common occurrence?

    – How do you select which emulator will be used by RetroPi when launching a Rom? There are different folders for the Roms, so… does dropping a Rom into a specific Emulator folder mean that it will be launched by that emulator?

    Thank you so much…

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    2. That is a normal occurrence: unless of course it said it configured .cfg and never gave you a chance to configure it then that is not normal- make sure you only have one controller plugged in before you attempt retroarch configurations.

    3: when opening a game press x or m on a keyboard and it will open up into a menu where you can choose which emulator you want for each ROM or system. You can also modify video settings from this menu. The retropie wiki indicates where to place ROMs for each respective emulator:

    BTW the more information you can give about your setup the more people can help you with your problems :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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