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    Hi all!
    I had posted earlier about having some issues with getting RetroPie running, but it was never resolved. I’m using a 2nd generation Raspberry pi B, and the RetroPie 3.2.1 image.
    I have formatted the card numerous times, using various methods, and I have extracted and written the image to the disk several times as well. However, when I try to boot the pi, the red power light turns on, and the green light flashes intermittantly as it would during a boot, but I am not getting any display on the monitor. I have tested the setup with Raspbian and run it easily, but for some reason I am not getting any video signal from RetroPie. Any suggestions?


    I know you said its working when you use Raspbian, but try uncommenting this in config.txt



    Thanks, it works beautifully now!
    Just for the record, I am an absolute noob, so would you be able to tell me what that just did?
    Thanks a ton!


    Did you google it ? (or other search engine of chocie)

    First hit on google is


    if you search the page for that line it says

    hdmi_force_hotplug Pretends HDMI hotplug signal is asserted so it appears a HDMI display is attached
     hdmi_force_hotplug=1 Use HDMI mode even if no HDMI monitor is detected

    Ah, sorry, stupid me :(
    Thanks buzz, totally didn’t even think to Google that.
    Thanks for the help, RetroPie rocks!


    I don’t understand how you are SUPPOSED to access the config file if there is no video output…

    Am I missing something?

    I have this same problem and even tried reformatting and using the new image, as well as SSH to the device like I did in the earlier version to no avail. I’m assuming SSH is not enabled by default nor is the samba share?

    This has been frustrating beyong belief as I had it working beautifully previously, then wrapped it as a gift and all of a sudden it no longer works on Christmas day…


    ssh only works if you have the pi connected to the same network as your computer you are accessing it from and if you have no video output you need to connect it over ethernet as a wifi dongle will of course need a screen to configure it.


    check the usual wire connections, tv settings, sd card, etc.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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