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    Running retropie 2.6 on Rpi 2 , I’ve tried 9 roms but can only get 2 to play,
    Super Mario 64 and 007 Golden eye,

    Banjo Kazooie (usa + Europe) looks like their going to play ok but freeze at the start of game play,
    Donkey Kong kicks me back to the main menu,
    another few just freeze when loading and I have to pull power,
    I’m playing them all from the mupen64plus folder , any ideas why I’m struggling so badly ? I dont seem to have any bother with psx

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    You could try the Rice video plugin with mupen and see if that helps with some roms.

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    N64 is a pain, and Mupen64 doesnt work as nice out of the box as the other N64 option. My recommendation is to use both (put roms in the n64 folder as well), and set up your Mupen with the Rice plugin as Floob suggested. There is a beginners guide to this here which might help you out a lot: covers how to change your video plugin as well.

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    N64 emulation blows. The beginner’s guide is great and all (and I applaud TechTipsta for putting it together), but it is a lot of freaking work just to have to switch between two different emulators, a bunch of rando gfx plugins, and all the controller setup. And that’s before you get to the fact that half the N64 roms won’t run properly, or only run well on one emulator if you only have 1 players vs. running on a different emulator for multiplayer.

    Bad, bad, bad. For most people where the payoff is the actual entertainment of playing N64 games and not the work involved in getting it to work, this simply a frustrating mess. RetroPie may as well remove the N64 emulators completely until it’s in a place where it works and with less setup and madness.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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