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    I just updated a fully functional version 3 RC to current 3.3 via the binary update. The keyboard does not work, nor either controller an ibufallo classic SNES controller, or the F310. The system sees the controllers, but not any input. I use the controllers separately one at a time as the player one controller.

    Pi Model: Raspberry Pi 2
    RetroPie Version Used: 3 beta from image sucessfully updated to 3 RC2 then update to 3.3
    Built From: (SD Image, Binary, Source)
    USB Devices connected: keyboard, IBuffalo, or F310

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    did you try to enable/disable the xbox driver for it.. I had the same problem where it would detect it as the F310, then work for Emulation Station, but not the actual retroarch… so I did the Retropie ->retropie setup -> #3 -> #328 disable xbox then re-enable it and now it works in games… as well as the exit hot key combination..

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    yes . i had controller problems (x360 – ps3 – twin joy) in new ver 3.3 and 3.3.1 . finly after half hour find a slution . its changin joypad driver from sdl2 to udev .

    its best to do after starting fresh instal and after configing joy in emulation station .

    i dont have retropi runing now but i remember some :
    start > retropie > setup-retropie [2nd from down] > setup [3rd section] > config retro arch setting > change commen setting [1st section] > all [1st] > change joypad driver from sdl2 to udev . after that back to first page and perform rebbot . and all set .

    plz after testing post result . thanks

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    I had customized my RetroArch.cfg, so I could exit games using start/select. This screwed up the updated retropie, and is no longer needed.

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