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    Fresh install on XBian RC2, ran the setup script and installed by source (also previously tried with binaries, same problem). Everything runs well except it cannot find an audio driver, I’m running on HDMI and have hdmi_device = 2 in /boot/config.txt. I also had no problem when I installed retropie on a raspbian image.

    Emulation station returns: SDL audio: No audio device found
    RetroArch returns: ALSA failed to initialize..
    When I try audio SDL in RetroArch config, it returns that SDL is not available and I can only use ALSA & ALSA threaded.
    aplay -l returns no devices.

    HOWEVER in XBMC audio runs perfectly, I thought it might have been XBMC somehow stopping other programs using the audio device (and I may still be right) so I disabled it from start up but the problem still remains.

    Here is the debug.log from install:

    Hopefully someone can help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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