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    Hello, everyone. I just got my pi set up and have some nes roms on a usb stick. The games play fine, but there’s no sound. I am running an HDMI cable into my tv. Thanks.


    I had the same problem using the retropie 3.4 image. It appeared that it couldn’t automatically figure out that it needed to use the HDMI port for audio so I had to set it to do so manually.

    1. Select Retropie from the main menu where you select which emulator you’re going to play.
    2. Select “Configure Audio” or some such from the Retropie menu. It’s the first item.
    3. Select “3. HDMI” from the menu and save changes.

    Your audio should now work.


    The RPI will not send audio down HDMI by default when using DVI video mode.

    Can also add hdmi_drive=2 into /boot/config.txt

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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