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    I have a few issues with these games.
    NHL 94 works fine on SNES.
    NHL 95-98 all just act like they’re loading and then I get stuck at a black screen before the game even starts. I can still quit the emulator by Select-Start.

    On the Genesis side, all NHL games seem to work up through 95, but in 96 it starts a problem where you seen all the loading stuff, and can get up to the point where you’re going to start a game, then it locks the pie up. have to pull the cable to reboot.

    I’ve tried a lot of versions of the roms, US, Europe, etc. all with the same symptoms. I’ve googled this for days, I hate posting new questions to forums if there’s an easy answer…but this has got me stumped. No one else seems to have ever reported such an issue, so….not sure if it’s only a problem for me, or if no one else cares about NHL games. :)

    am I missing something?



    Having the exact same issue.


    Same problem here, so it seems a bug of some sorts.


    glad this finally got a response. :) Maybe it’s the version of the emulators or something? hopefully it’ll get fixed at some point. those games would be fun to play. :)


    oh my, you are right. the genesis one is the most worrying. i have posted these to the picodrive and pocketsnes github repo’s but they are not exactly actively developed these days.

    there may be some “good” news however. armsnes – a fork of pocketsnes has fixed a lot of sound issues and improved performance but… it has worse compatibility than pocketsnes somehow… i found a bunch of fairly common games do not work on it… now there is ANOTHER snes core being worked on specifically for low-end machines called CatSFC. this emulator is already on the DS but they plan to bring it for things like the Pi and Xperia Play. i’m hopeful and extremely cautious


    Has anyone had any luck with fixing this? SNES games work for me just fine except the NHL ROMS. Same deal, I get a black screen after launch.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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