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    Hey all!

    This is a completely n00b question, but we just got our Pi 1 B today and are eager to get it set up. However, I can’t get started on the basic step just yet– downloading the SD card image. Every link on the Downloads section of the site leads to a blank page with only the title “RetroPie Downloads” below the logo and header, and no other content. Nothing is clickable, and nothing downloads. Tried the site on both Mac and Windows laptops.

    Not savvy enough for figuring out how to get it via the torrent link, either. :/ Silly as it sounds, would anyone be up for sending me the appropriate files to get started, or tell me how to get them myself from the site? D:

    Thanks guys! :)


    I was just about to create a Topic with this same issue. Can’t download RetroPie Image for Raspberry Pi 1. I downloaded it via the torrent instead, but EmulationStation does not auto boot on that install (Not even sure if the torrent image comes with EmulationStation), so wanting to download straight from RetroPie but the download doesn’t work.


    Another confirmation here too. Have been on trying a few different times but to no avail.


    The downloads appear to work now, but for the Raspberry Pi 1 there is only a beta build, I wonder where the stable build went?


    The RPi1 2.6 Image is still in the Downloads folder:

    Not sure why it is not linked anymore.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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