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    Hey all.
    So I’m having an odd issue with Mame and figured maybe someone could enlighten me to whats up.

    I have 2 separate Mame sets.
    One I converted to v0.37b5, split sets, using clrmamepro.
    One I downloaded that is already at v0.37b5 off a user named Jackhammer over at EMP.
    Both exhibit the same issue.

    As usual, ROMS show up fine and play fine.
    Both Parents and Clones/Child, no issue.
    However some of the Child files link to different games completely.
    One of the 10 Yard Fight clones boots Pac-Land. One of my 1943 clones boots to Kung-FU.
    And so on.

    Sure I could just leave them there, but I am a bit OCD about it. I like having the clones but not all these “false hope clones” as I’ve been calling them. I am also building pie set ups for my close friends. They buy the parts and I supply the SD image… So I’m trying to clean things up just for the sake of being a good guy.

    Thanks guys!


    Follow up on my issue.
    I copied all my roms from mame-mame4all to mame-libretro.
    The “false hope clones” no longer show in libretro. All games I tested seem to run ok and are accurate to the on screen title.


    Strange, I think the gameslist.xml that is generated when you scrape may be the offender here.

    Personally I find the Liberato Mame 78 version to be better than mameforall.


    I think you may be correct about that! I ran the scraper overnight and didnt see the issue till afterwards. I hadnt run the scraper for Liberato at all. Good call.

    I built a retropie set up about a year ago, all my friends freaked, so I’ve probably built 10 more since for my buddies. Trying to keep the list as clean as possible for those who are less tech savvy.


    i agree, I have built a few for my friends too, its a very cool ,cost effective project.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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