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    Total newbie question but this is how it is.

    Got my raspberry pi model B+ version 1.2
    running retro pi version 2.6, V1

    Got the image expanded onto an 8GB micro SD card, booted and loaded ok
    Got to the ES screen where it asks to push a button on the controller, sits and crashes after about 20 Seconds and restarts

    I am running a generic joystick and button kit with a USB interface card, Seems like it went together pretty smooth,

    Tried a PS3 controller as well, same issue, when you push a button to configure it it crashes, if you just leave it idle for 20 + seconds it crashes.

    I hit F4 and came out to the console in ES and its staying up and running so I assume its not hardware?

    I am used to working with windows and Novell, this is a bit outside my norm.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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