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    My second attempt on a raspberry pi project!

    Bought myself a broken NES, removed the old hardware. Picked up a rpi 2 and ATXRaspi for a clean shutdown for de Pi, works perfect! Re-used the buttons from the NES. Got a nice blue Power LED. I got rid off the controller inputs and replaced it with USB. The NES now comes with a HDMI ouput and UTP for transferring ROMs.

    Used retropie software 3.0 BETA 2 for rpi 2.
    With much help of this blog it starts up in a nice clean (no logo!) random splashscreen from sur0x. Used the scraper from sselph, with good results! It runs perfect!

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    Nice build, how did you made the usb on the front, do you have pictures of that?

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    Thanks Sander!

    I used a utility knife to cut out de back of the connector. So I only had the outer “walls” left of the connectors. I had bought 2 cheap usb extension cables and glued them on the back of the casing.

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