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    this ist my first post. So on.
    Im running RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi 2 B with Berryboot. It works good (booting, start retropie). But there is one thing.
    I tried Version 2.6.0 and 3.0beta2 and i have always the same Problem. I only used one NES game and it runs a bit (about 10%) to fast, than the original Game on a Nintendo NES. Although the Musik in the game is a bit faster. Controller (PSOne USB) Commands work straight through with no lag. I have no promlem with them Demo games (Doom, Quake …). The nes game runs normal on a PC Emulator (Nestopia).
    Has someone an idea for this problem.


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    get the NTSC version of the game rather than the PAL version.

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    Thanks for the answer.

    It also works to change the Name of the file, for example:

    “GameName.System” -> “GameName (E).System”

    Then the speed is correct.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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