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    I am trying to get my NES controllers working by Directly wiring it through the gpio. I have Wired it up using an old hdd ribbon cable that I cut down so that it will fit on my rp1. I currently have it wired up as:

    (note I am using the original NES ports out of a machine)

    + (white) – gpio pin 1 (3.3v)
    – (brown) – gpio pin 6
    Data (yellow – gpio pin 15 (I also tried pin 22)
    Latch (orange) – gpio pin 16
    Clock (red) – gpio pin 18

    More info:
    I believe I have SNESDev correctly installed.

    when try to use the gui to add a controller it says it has detected to controllers but holding a button does not do anything.

    Running jstest /dev/input/js0 I get the following:
    Axes 0:-32767 1:-32767 Buttons 0:off (applies to 0-7)
    Also how to I exit jstest with out killing power to the rp?

    I have read HERE and HERE that some controllers require 5v. Is there any truth to that? I am hesitant to try without protection. Is there a simple way to use resistors to bring the 5v down to a safe level for the rp using resistors and diodes? If so what would the wiring diagram look like?

    I have saw in THIS thread that I may have to editsnesdev.cfg I am not sure where that is located. When I try to open the file I get a blank file and I am guessing that I should be opening a file not creating a new file.

    Can some one tell me what I am missing?


    Are you running the controller directly off of the gpio pins? If you are I recommend ordering a control block from petrock store. There is also a guide in that section for setting up nes/snes controllers and the pin config. I am currently waiting for mine to be delivered but I think this can resolve your issue


    Yes I am trying to run the controller directly off the gpio pins. This is a pretty standard practice.

    I have also attempted to try the gamecon gpio driver but it fails to install every time. I believe it mentions needing the latest kernal to run but I am not aware of how to accomplish that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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