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    Hey everyone,

    new Pi owner here and looking into the possibility of turning this in a small bartop arcade machine for my wife and the kids to play. (and er.. me too I suppose) Thanks to Retro Pie! (yes, I’ll make sure to leave a small thank you fee once I get everything up and running)

    1. However, I have a bit of a trouble getting the NeoGeo titles to run. They are recognized but when I try to start a game, the black starting screen come up and then throws me back to the menu. NeoGeo bios is located in the roms/neogeo folder. MAME on my Mac works fine with the bios / games. Any ideas?

    2. Lots of Arcade games seem either “not supported” or come up distorted on the screen when I try to load them up using MAME4ALL. I only seem to be able to play the early 80s titles (which are best anyway, but …). Again, I’m sure I missed something here?

    3. Probably not a Retro Pie question, but I’m experiencing some trouble with my USB Speakers connected to the headphone jack. When starting up the Pi, they start to “stutter” noise and the led lights inside the speakers starts to flash.
    Anyone else experiencing something like this? Once I unplug it and plug it in again, everything seems to work fine. Seems to be a usb power issue!? (the Pi is powered by an Aukru 5V 2000mA usb micro adapter – salesperson convinced me that was the one I need)

    Ah yes, the data – PI is a model “B”. RetroPie Version 3.2.1 is used.

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    As the Neo Geo games are arcade games, its most likely a rom compatibility issue.

    Please read this Wiki entry

    It is very important to get the right romset for the right emulator when setting up arcade games.

    I have also a (slightly dated) video about using gngeo for Neo Geo here:

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    Floob, thanks for taking the time and answering.

    Wife and kids are out today so I continued to tinker around with it. I found out that indeed the NEOGEO BIOS was THE PROBLEM. I swapped it with another one and voilá, the games would start. Same goes with the other Arcade games – once I adhered to the romset as stated in the FAQ (thanks again!) most of them would play fine.

    So just in case somebody else is running into the same trouble ..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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