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    So I got everything up and running, I thought, but when I reboot my Raspberry Pi 2 after installing Ps3 Driver and configuring it I can’t get it to recognize at the main splash screen to configure your controller to get into RetroPie.

    Is there some updated instructions? I followed floob’s youtube video and it’s a little outdated after the sub script updated, not sure if that matters a whole lot or not.

    But when I went to re-configure the controller a 2nd time it wasn’t even picking it up like it was on. The lights were blinking and everything it’s just weird and annoying and making me doubt my skills.

    tl;dr is there any new instructions in setting up a ps3 controller and like when to press the PS Home button and at what status the lights should be blinking at?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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