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    I am using a wifi dongle and xarcade dual tankstick on my model b. At startup, the unit gets an address but I notice it’s slow to actually engage the IP stack. I am using a cifs share to host my games. The problem is that the network portion is unable to resolve the server (even though it’s in /etc/hosts) for a while.

    I exit ES and from there ping the server by name, and on the second attempt it will respond. I also added the cifs share to /etc/fstab in order to basically replace the /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ location from local sd card to remote share.

    After I can ping the server – which is always up, and should resolve instantly based on /etc/hosts entry, i run sudo mount -a and then exit the shell, thereby restarting ES> Everything is great after that,

    I want to either build in a requirement that the network has to be up and “tested working” by some script, or delay the ES starting with the inclusion of a sleep statement or something like that. The problem is, I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to get this done without help.

    Can anyone help me to get this order of operations working and timed appropriately so as to no have to do this everytime i start the pi?

    I would like to know how/where ES is started from/called from so I can at least make attempts to create the necessary changes to delay the startup of ES for a small sleep interval or run a subsequent script to ensure all things are rosey.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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