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    So buzz is looking to clean up the experimental packages list as it has grown a bit large so I’ve created a spreadsheet of all the latest packages in the experimental menu of the setup script (for the Rpi 2) before testing just makes sure to update your setup script.

    The spreadsheet is pretty simple- in the status column there are two main options under the drop down arrow in each cell- stable and unstable. and there is a column for notes explaining why it is unstable or basically anything else that we would need to know (especially if you tested with rpi 1 or rpi 2). Please be as thorough as possible. Once it’s complete we’ll move them into their respective sections of the setup script.

    here is the spreadsheet- Contributions are welcome- THANKS!


    perhaps in the future we may look at having retropie be built by choosing which emulators you want to start with from the script- cause really how many people actually use the macintosh emulator anyways?


    In my opinion ‘Limelight’ should just be deprecated or rewritten for Moonlight. I’ve been pretty busy but may be able to sort it out. I have a spare micro SD I can run the code on (don’t really want to ruin my configured one).

    Not sure if that necessarily helps with your list though. The actual moonlight software seems rather stable on the Pi to me.


    If you’re able to get moonlight sorted out I’m sure it would be appreciated. I don’t have a nvidia graphics card so I’m unable to test it myself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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