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    Just for some clarity i have a raspberry pi B model with retropie v2.3 flashed onto my 8GB SD card. I mainly want to use my X-arcade sticks as my controller for sega megadrive and snes games. The X-arcade stick is just a glorified keyboard encoder.

    After hours of checking config files and adding keybindings etc i finally managed to enable the in-game menu on picodrive. The problem i have is that no matter what settings i change when i go to map buttons for my keyboard it does not recognise my keyboard input in the picodrive in-game menu.

    Another problem i have is enabling 6 button layout for picodrive. I enabled it via in-game picodrive menu and in mortal kombat II menu. However i cant seem to find where to map or how to map additional buttons aside from ABC.

    can someone tell me how they got to enable 6 button controls for picodrive and how to map the additional buttons. additionally how to get picodrive in-game menu to recognise keyboard input when assigning buttons.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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