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    Sorry the generic title but it is true.

    I am completely new to all of this. I followed some online tutorials on how to get everything up and running. By all definition everything is up and running but I have a few issues

    The main screen where you select your emulator/games(Apple 2, nes,etc…) seems to be slightly oversized and then when I load games (sega,nes) they are just a small box in the middle of my tv.

    The menu part doesn’t bug me but I would like to get the games to use more of my tv’s screen.

    Also is there a better way to pick your game from the menu. I guess I should say how do I quickly pick a game out of a list of 900.

    Again I am extremely new to this so you may have to dumb things down a lot for me or if you have a link to a really great walk through that would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

    Oh so my pi is hooked up via hdmi in case that is important.


    I would start by checking the settings in the /Boot/config.txt for you video mode.

    Take a look here:

    Once you get a controller setup, there is a key to be able to jump by first letter or last played, ect…


    So can I edit the boot/config file from the pi or is that when I have to connect to a router and go through an FTP? Could you recommend a good free FTP. I downloaded one but when I typed in the inet address I couldn’t connect to the pi. I am sure I am doing something wrong just not sure what.

    Thanks for the help


    @petro62: Do this with a wired connection to make sure it isn’t a wireless issue:

    Get a copy of FileZilla; I’m using it on my Arch Linux box with no issues. Just to make sure that you are using correctly, got to

    File>Site Manager>New Site

    And put in the address you got from ‘ifconfig’ on your pi.

    Also, in the drop down section labeled “Protocol” make sure you choose “SFTP” instead of “FTP”


    Thanks freezx I will give that a try. Now just to find the video mode and figure out what to change it to.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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