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    Hi! I’m having a bit of problem with my retropie on my rpi 2 and n64 emulation (mainly graphical issues). i used to run the same image on a b and b+ but i updated using the sudo apt-get upgrade/update method (May be the problem). So far super Mario 64, Mario kart and banjo kazooie all work fine except they are not running very smoothly a fair amount of the time (i have several link titles too, but they run at about half speed almost all the time).

    Whenever i try to run a game like golden eye 007, the menu works perfectly, but when ever i get into a game like the first level, the cut scene is very laggy, freezes every so often and then jumps to where it should be. as soon as i start the level, the screen freezes until i get shot or any other animation and then freezes again (this repeats again until i die, which has an annoyingly smooth falling over cut scene) the music is still playing through all of this, albeit slightly choppy (all roms i am using are not corrupted / hacked)

    I also get this with SSB. Whenever i launch it, the animation is fine until the hand goes in the box, then it freezes. It will suddenly unfreeze when the camera is staring at link, however link and the hand are both black. it will then play with those two missing character models, with everything else textured, until the hand makes a 3 or 2 and then crashes again (music also still playing in the back ground)

    i don’t seem to have the same file directories as other people do from a fresh download of 2.6, so its lead me to believe that it didn’t upgrade properly with the apt-get command.

    I’m guessing that its the video driver / settings either not being updated and still optermised for a BCM2835 SoC, or my settings are not correctly configured / need to modify some files, due to the fact the music plays just fine in the background (sometimes slightly choppy)

    here are my current system specs for my pi 2 (running on a decent power supply)
    Arm Freq: 1050
    Core Freq: 550
    SDram Freq: 500
    Over_Volt: 0 (would like to keep my warranty)
    Gpu Mem: 384Mb
    Ps3 Controller
    Samsung EVO 32gb Class U1

    (sorry for the block of text…)
    any ideas on what i can do to improve emulation an get it as good as TechTipsta’s gameplay (comparison video). All ideas welcome!
    Thanks, Aj.

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    HI ajw, I suggest you start fresh and download the RetroPie image for Rpi2 from the downloads section on this site.

    I use the Pi2 over clock setting and find that is all I need, also set your gpu mem to 128meg.

    I see you have seen my other comparison vids, but did you see my n64 setup vid? That can help you setting up mupen with the rice plugin which I find works best, good luck!

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    Hey there,
    Thanks for the reply! I decided a couple days ago to start from fresh, and it is a major improvement over the older version, with so much pre-compiled for me with very easy controller directory (instead of all over the place). Thanks again,

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