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    Hello all. Im new just setup my pi last night. Got wifi/ssh working and xbox360 controller. Moved some roms to it for nes,snes,gbc,gba,n64, and psx. All work except n64.

    Any time i go to start a ROM for n64 the screen goes black for a few seconds, then back to command line briefly, then back to ES.

    I have a model B, 256 RAM split, no OC. I installed using the source option which took a long time. Currently connected are mouse/kb, 1x xbox360 controller, wifi dongle. HDMI to a HDTV.

    Ive tried Mario Cart, Super Smash Bros, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark. All behave the same way.

    Strange as the psx emulator seems to work fine which i thought would be a bigger issue.

    Any help/advice to troubleshoot this would be great. Not sure if there is a log file or a way to pause the screen before ES reloads. Thanks

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    mate at the moment the n64 is very touch n go, especially with the include emulator, there are tests being done on a newer version and it looks pretty cool! but as I said we may never have the pleasure of running every rom flawlessly I’m afraid to say, but hang in there

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    Hi zer0cool,

    I got the exact same issue as you do with those games at the N64 emu.

    Quick question tho. How did you get your xbox360 controller to work right away?
    The only one I got working is GBA, would be awesome if you could share your SNES and PSX retroarch config!


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    TBH this is all very new to me. I have limited experience with Linux (Ubuntu) and less with emulators.

    I recall there being an option in setup (retropie setup, maybe raspi-config) to install xbox360 driver so i did that. Then i went to configure retroarch controller in the setup and followed the prompts (press this button, press that button), rebooted and it works in all of my emulators so far. No cmd line stuff or config files to manually edit.

    Still having this issue with the N64 emulator. trying to collect info from the console text as to why it opens and then shuts down. May play with config file for it.

    If you need more info about controller setup PM me and ill either start another thread or talk to you about it in PM

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