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    I’d like to share my project that I built a year ago using Raspberry PI B+. I was just about to update it to the RPI2 when the RPI3 came out. So I bought the RPI3 and thought I would take a couple of pictures of it.

    It might look like another NES case powered with RPI. Original NES controller ports are working, LED, power and reset also works. Original power input and audio/video RCA works too, but I also added HDMI input.

    I had an idea that it would be cool to play also SNES games using original SNES controllers so what I did was I designed a 3D model of a frame with two SNES ports and two USB-ports for USB-controller use, and I wanted it to fit the cartridge door. I 3D printed the controller port frame and it came out really nice!

    For the SNES controller ports I used SNES to USB adapter I bought on Ebay. I had to tear down the adapter case and desolder another port from the circuit board and solder it back together with cables so it would fit the controller frame.

    I configured the controllers so that for NES games you are obviously using the NES ports, for SNES games the SNES ports and for e.g. PSX games using the USB-ports.

    Please check out the pictures and tell me what you think! :) It might not be the cleanest build from inside (yep, I love using electrical tape :D ) but it works well!

    More pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jkzplpgboxksmm8/AAD03kWUHRb0g8Di8RlUZOiLa?dl=0

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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