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    Hi to all. Just wanted to reach out and say this is one of VERY few forums where I had to make an account just to say thanks. This is something I’ve been working toward with computers, hacked consoles, and a number of other things, and retropie/emulationstation has become the most customizable and useable thing I’ve run across that doesn’t burn up a lot of electric.

    I bought a 2tb hdd and will be using it to store the roms for what I’m going to end up calling either the shoehorn edition or ‘Murican edition… yes yes, we want it all. It will be sym-linked for the roms folder, and will also house music and movies for the Kodi install.

    In addition, I’ve tested ps3 controllers, cheap and official, wired and BT’d, the Logitech F710 as an XBox controller, and a few knockoffs. I got most of them working or they already just worked. Those that didn’t got me scripting, and that is knowledge that’s useful anywhere.

    My end result will be to have this working as a cloud, a web server, and a keyboard-less gaming and media system that, despite all its functionality, only requires a game controller to operate. Getting Kodi to work with a game controller was a bit of a wrestling match, but I was able. I’ll likely end up with my hands in dosbox next.

    I’m looking to get a LOT of things working, and it’s keeping me very busy. If I have questions, I know where to ask. If you have questions I can answer, I’ll try to pipe up with some knowledge.

    Thanks again to everyone for this awesome chunk of entertainment.

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    I plan on getting my hands dirty with dosbox as well soon. Seems like your going after a similar route of a controller only appliance.

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