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    Hello guys!
    I switched to PI3 with 3.6! It is not the first time I install retropie, but at the moment I can not turn the rice mupen plugin properly. I have sound but just a black screen with all the roms that need rice (640×480). I have already installed the muppen64 separately from the retropie_setup and ran a full update. unsuccessfully. ngles works perfectly.

    Another strange thing is that I have frezzers if my PS3 controller Cloon is over Bluetotth. And I need to run sudo sixad –start after all restarts in order to connect.

    That’s my config.txt is:
    #GPU Overclock and Tweaks
    gpu_mem = 600
    v3d_freq = 500

    #CPU Tweaks (If you can not get in 1400 to boot stably try 1350)
    arm_freq = 1400
    over_voltage = 6
    temp_limit = 80
    core_freq = 500

    #Ram Overclock
    sdram_freq = 588
    sdram_schmoo = 0x02000020
    over_voltage_sdram_p = 6
    over_voltage_sdram_i = 4
    over_voltage_sdram_c = 4

    #Sound Overclock
    h264_freq = 333

    (temperatures average 52 degrees celsius)

    Someone would have an idea?
    Thank you

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    firstly, if you have freezes you shouldn’t be overclocking. take all your overlocks out and see if it still happens. if it still does, it’s probably the bluetooth issue:

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    I have heat sinks with sekisui adhesive and acitve cooler ;) No freezes! Only if bluetooth is connected!

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