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    After countless hours of tweaking and tinkering and absolute frustration! I finally have RetroPie working and loading all my games. BUT one thing I realize is that the controllers don’t quite work right at all.

    What I’ve done is purchased Retro NES, SNES,Sega and N64 Controllers that are USB.

    I am a Noob by every aspect of the book on raspberry pi and Linux so none of it really makes sense. ANYWAY….. I need to know (The Simplest way) to make every controller work for EACH of it’s corresponding Emulator. I need to just be able to plug in the N64 controller and load a N64 rom and BOOM its working!
    (Is this possible?)

    Also how do I set it up where I do NOT need a keyboard to save, exit etc. ?

    Thanks in advance and please remember I need the Simplest way possible to do this without a bunch of hassle ….cause believe me setting this up all right and getting wifi to work etc was stress enough Thanks

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    What version of retropie are you running? If you’re running retropie 3 rc1 it automatically configures your controllers for retroarch along with emulation station on first boot. See this page:


    As long as the emulators are retroarch emulators it will work. Non-retroarch emulators have individual configurations that need to be done manually. Those are on their respective emulator pages on the wiki as well.

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    I’m Using 3.0 rc 1 I think I just downloaded it today so the newest one… what seems to be happening the most is I keep exiting the game by pushing the z button for N64

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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