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    Hey everybody,
    I’m building at the moment I’m Building a mobile Gaming/Music Box. It has a convertible Top with an Notebook LCD Screen and at the bottom a music amplifier.
    really nice and working with either batteries or cable. Working on 12V its also working in the Car ;)

    [attachment file=”IMG_4356.JPG”]

    But I still have a Problem. I’ve installed KODI under Retropie, which is working well but my Remote Control from an old Windows PC is not working.
    Just to explain it exactly: I have installed this USB Remote under the display and with OpenElec on the Pi its working well, but I don’t want to change any SD Card. I know it’s the MCERemote Add-on which is missing on KODI/Retropie. This Plugin is running in OpenElec to enable the USB remote. Someone who Knows were I can download the Zip file of this Add-On? google doesn’t help. And is it possible to use the remote in Retropie to navigate to Kodi?
    Please help me…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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