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    I have a raspberry pi 2 using retropie 3 final release and I am using a GPIO joystick which is mapped to specific pins on the raspberry Pi.
    I have installed the mk_arcade_joystick_rpi program and am testing the joystick.

    Some buttons register and others don’t.
    I realised that the program mk_arcade_joystick uses specific pins for the joystick buttons.

    My question is , Is there anyway to change which pins the buttons are mapped to in the Mk_arcade_joystick program or am I stuck with the layout.

    If I can’t change it is there another GPIO joystick config program that can be used for Retropie 3 and Raspberry Pi 2?

    Any help appreciated




    im following this, i am having issues using GPIO with emulation station and emulators. Tried adafruit-retrogame config (works for emus but not emulation station)



    I managed to get the ada-retrogame config working with emulationstation and retropie 3 but sometimes when playing a game it would fire and move at the same time.
    Possibly because I had the mk_arcade_joystick software installed as well.
    I followed the instructions on the adafruit site and it managed to work.

    I would prefer the mk arcade joystick software to work but may have to go down the retrogame path

    There is a way to edit the mk_arcade_joystick.c file to change the pins but I don’t know how to recompile it.

    If someone knows how to recompile linux .c files I would love to know.


    I am also looking for a way to change this.
    Dont know how though :(

    Trying to build a two-player arcade with 7 buttons for each player.
    But I would need 2 more buttons for Coin and “Back”.
    Can´t you use GPIO2 and GPIO3?


    Hi, How many buttons i’ve not problem with mk_arcade_joystick… Yuo must set correct buttons in Emulationstation. Other button must be skipped during the configuration, pressing (pre assigned button for a while)


    Hi devil78

    It’s not the mk_arcade_joystick program or the buttons not working in emulation station that is the problem. It is which buttons are using which pins that is the issue.

    I need to change what buttons use what GPIO pins in the mk_arcade_joystick program and there is no way of doing this unless the program is recompiled.

    I am trying to work out how to do this.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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