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    Hello All,

    Has anyone had any luck mapping the PS3 buttons (triangle, circle, or X) in AdvanceMame 1.2?

    I can only seem to get the square button to be recognized. After updating the advmame-1.2.rc file multiple times I’ve figured out a bit but it would appear that the triangle, circle, and X buttons cannot be mapped.

    For those interested, utilizing the AdvanceMame [joy,button] scheme and assuming all below are set for joy = 0, here are the mappings I’ve determined for “button” per my PS3 controller via bluetooth setup:

    top or 3 = start
    top2 or 4 = d-pad up
    trigger or 0 = select
    thumb or 1 = L3
    thumb2 or 2 = R3
    pinkie or 5 = d-pad right
    base or 6 = d-pad down
    base2 or 7 = d-pad left
    base3 or 8 = L2
    base4 or 9 = R2
    base5 or 10 = L1
    base6 or 11 = R1
    12 = square

    Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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    I’ve only used AdvanceMAME a bit, but its seems quite happy to map inputs using the GUI when it runs (via TAB). Have you tried that?

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    Yes, you are correct. AdvanceMAME does seem quite happy to map buttons utilizing the GUI with TAB except that it will not recognize the triangle, circle, or X there either. This is what originally caused me to seek out another means, i.e. the rc file.


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    Yep, I have the exact same problem. Haven’t had much time to troubleshoot but it seems that certain buttons aren’t mappable from the GUI with AdvanceMAME. The ones it does map it gives weird names like “top” for the start button or “trigger” for the select button. Basically exactly what the OP posted.

    It also seems to inadvertently pick up inputs from the PS3 controller’s motion sensors and tries to map them as axis.

    Using PS3 controller over bluetooth. All other emulators work fine.
    Pi2 and RetroPie 3.0 beta 2.

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    Don’t ask me why but it seems that buttons 12, 13, 14, 15 are ok for the PS3 wireless driver.
    It doesn’t match anything in jstest and I don’t find advj (the utility supposed to be with advancemame) to test the joy

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    hum, i wrote too quickly, only square is working … oddly, I got some of the cross (left up) buttons to quick in SF II, I will check how it look in the UI config

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    I have the same problem. Triangle, square and circle are not responding. Other buttons and triggers work, but give weird mapping names like “dead” or “top2”. Could this probably be circumvented by configuring controls with a .cfg file ?

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    Change device_joystick auto to device_joystick raw in the .rc config file.

    Then, all the buttons will show up.

    You’re welcome! (I created an account just to spread the good news!)

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    i can’t configure my ps3 controller, recognize only select and analog to up down ad press.

    why ? i tried to modified auto in raw on \\RETROPIE\configs\mame-advmame\advmame-0.94.0.rc without success

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    I have managed to get all of the buttons on PS3 controller recognised by changing device_joystick auto to device_joystick sdl in the .rc config files. The buttons will now be mapped to a more familiar j:button15 format.

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    Setting device_joystick to sdl in all three .rc files (one for each version) worked for me.

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