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    Hello.. very new.. So hopefully I won’t ask for something stupid… not asking where roms are..

    I’m running MAME OSX .135(I know… ehh)
    I have been trying to mess around with CHD filed games.. and I run consistently into a problem where I download the CHD then I get the .zip for the file which should have a .data file yet it gives me a .pic file… which is useless.. I can’t turn it into a .data file and it’s consistent.. For instance(it doesn’t matter it’s the same with all games I get anywhere) with Guilty Gear XX Slash.. I have 317-5111-jpn.pic from the zip(should be a .data).. and the gdl-0033a.chd CHD file…

    My question is.. why do I keep getting .pic…? is this purely a problem of MAC-ular creation and wouldn’t be an issue on a PC?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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