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    For some reason my posts don’t show up. I’m writing this with all links removed to see if it works.

    Bish777 started this great thread over at the HyperSpin forum.

    He has gathered xml lists of custom Mame genres so that we easily can identify CPS1, CPS2, Konami classics, 4-player games etc. Included are also graphics that can be used in a theme. Graphics and XML lists can be downloaded here:

    These lists are made for Hyperspin but one can easily open them up in Excel and copy the rom names and then put them in a batch file in order to sort the roms. I will start making batch files of genres I’m interested in. If you want to contribute feel free to go ahead.

    I started with Capcom play system 1,2,3 and will attach them shortly.


    Download with XML files and graphics http://bit.ly/1M87o85
    The original Hyperspin thread http://bit.ly/1MJjkNp


    Batch files for Capcom Playsystem 1,2 and 3. Just run these in the same directory as your Mame/FBA roms and it will sort them into sub folders.


    Here is a zip with system logos and batch files for the following genres:

    4 player games
    Atari Classics
    Capcom Classics
    Dataeast Classics
    Irem Classics
    Konami Classics
    Midway Classics
    Namco Classics
    Nintendo Classics
    Sega Classics
    SNK Classics
    Taito Classics
    Williams Classics

    I have sorted out clones from all But the Namco set. I have also removed Playchoice, Megaplay, Mega tech roms etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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