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    Hey guys, i have an issue with Mame.

    Everything is on my Pi and all the games work fine, however the problem lies with the character selection screen.

    I have set up all my buttons on a usb controller with no duplicates.. Including the “add coins” and player 1 Start etc.

    I have noticed on The Simpsons and Turtles so far…

    I think the game is set up to give each controller its own character, ie..
    Player 1 = Marge
    Player 2 = Homer
    Player 3 = Bart
    Player 4 = Lisa
    Its the same with turtles..
    I have no problem adding coins to any of the characters, the problem lies with the selection.
    Once adding coins, “press start” appears above each of character.
    And when i hit start, it always gives me in this case Marge, as she is under player 1..

    I am guessing that the original arcade cabinets had 4 sets of controllers that you’d just jump to, to select the character you wanted?

    Has anyone had any issues with any multi character games?
    And is there away around the character selection screen?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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