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    my question and concern is always checking and rechecking my supply list.
    my other question is can anyone beat this price?

    i’ve done a bit of reading and some of it just doesn’t exactly explain it in detail to answer all my questions

    1.) like if i was to get a 256mb version what emulators would that push vs. the new pi 2 with 1GB
    is there any real benefit with staying cheap?

    2.) what cables or adapters would i need to hook this up to either a pc screen without hdmi or to an older TV with your old fashion RCA ?

    i guess because i’m rushing this post i am forgetting to add more details or questions i guess if i could just ask you guys to supply links and prices or anything i might be missing. anything will help and i will appreciate.

    can anyone beat this price?


    If you want an all in one solution with all peripherals then canakit will be your best bet- I bought the same kit and its worked great for getting things up and running quickly. I would definitely go for the Pi 2 over the B+ as the speed is a notable difference in boot times and emulators. Go with HDMI over RCA as RCA has buzzing issues with the sound (at least in my case).

    See this page and the linked video for a quick overview of getting started:



    hey thanks alot i really do appreciate it i will read it over in the mean time thanks again i really do appreciate the heck out of it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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