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    New user here .. just bought my first Pi today with the sole intent of installing RetroPie. I installed and put some roms in. The roms will play but my controller does not work at all in the games. I’ve tried both NES and SNES.

    I am using a Logitech F710. I’m finding some “controller not working” threads around but it seems things have changed a lot with a recent update. Having trouble getting it working.

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: Solution found, scroll down to my next reply.

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    try tweaking the retroarch.cfg file. Its location is:

    There should be some text in the file like:

    input_player1_a = x
    input_player1_b = z
    input_player1_y = a
    input_player1_x = s
    input_player1_start = enter
    input_player1_select = rshift
    input_player1_l = q
    input_player1_r = w
    input_player1_left = left
    input_player1_right = right
    input_player1_up = up
    input_player1_down = down
    input_autodetect_enable = true

    I like to remote in from a computer using a free program called WinSCP.
    You will need to use ROOT as the username and raspberry as the password.

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    Thanks. After a bit of tinkering I did find that the retroarch.cfg was the issue. Is there software I can use to figure out what my button mappings should be?


    Got it! Posting in case anyone finds this while searching. Check this extremely useful post:

    That will allow you to go through and map everything button by button, and it will append the correct mappings to the bottom of your retroarch.cfg file.

    Once you have that, include the following two lines in your cfg so you are able to exit your emulators. Obviously use whatever button mappings that you need based on what was appended to your config file.

    input_enable_hotkey_btn = "8"
    input_exit_emulator_btn = "9"

    It would be really nice if the devs would automate this process into the same process used to map the buttons for EmulationStation .. but for now I guess we have to do it manually.

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    Hi arcooke, I just grabber an F710, any chance you’d be willing to post your key map config?


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