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    Just a thought, but I wondered if there was any scope to add in a keystroke emulator such as Joy2Key? Reason being is that there are a number of ports (for example Zdoom), that do not seem to natively support joypad input within their menu screens. There are also other ports such as Duke Nukem 3D where I can control the menu via joystick to get into the game, however if I want to exit the game I am forced to use my keyboard to quit. Its a minor annoyance, but enough to sway me away from playing them since they aren’t fully integrated like say the Retroarch ports are. It takes away from the ‘console’ experience in my opinion.

    Now I have already tried to investigate Joy2Key myself with a view to installing it… but I am stumped! I cannot figure out how to go about it at all, literally falling at the first hurdle and I can’t seem to find any in-depth documentation on how to get it up and running. Im not even sure if it is something that is called on a ‘per-game’ basis or not, but I haven’t really had the time of late to fully investigate to be fair. So yes, just thought I’d ask if it was something that had been / could be considered (or maybe already dismissed?), for inclusion in the RetroPie Setup Script?


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    Actually, now that I am thinking about it – is Joy2Key (or similar) what is used to control the RetroPie Setup Script menu, and if so, does that mean that the foundations are already there for the taking? Or is the joypad functionality controlled by something else?

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    Yes. The setup script and runcommand use joy2key. Definitely worth integrating into keyboard based games. Still not ideal but at least allows people the opportunity to exit if they accidentally open the game.

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    the joy2key code used for the menu wont be any use for ports.

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