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    I think (?) that the first time I used EmulationStation – before any controllers were set up – I used the keyboard to navigate the menus. (Am I misremembering this?) But now I find I’m unable to navigate around using just the keyboard: I can use the cursor up/down to tootle up and down any given menu, but can’t select any option (with return, or space, or the right arrow etc). Am I supposed to be able to? If so, is there any easy way to rectify the situation? It’s a major PITA having to use the controller every time, especially as right now my PS3 controller is very finnicky about connecting. (I have to do a dance to ensure it isn’t talking to my PS3, then unplug it, plug it back in and press the PS button once before the PI recognizes it.)

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    You could check this file for any oddities.

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    I’ve been having this exact same problem for a week or two, not sure what has caused it. I thought it might be a power issue – randomly I unplugged the LAN cable from my Pi and the keyboard worked, but then the next day it stopped working again.

    Let us know if you find a fix!

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    Good to hear that I am not alone with that problem. I use a keyboard and a Logitech F710 Pad.

    Already thought that I am to stupid. Last week when I started I was able to navigate with keyboard and exit games with keyboard while playing them with F710.

    But now keyboard does not navigate nor let me exit the games.

    I would really appriciate your help!

    best regards,

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    I think I’ve run into this same problem. I just installed RetroPie yesterday. Upon my first run of emulationstation from the console, I get a screen asking me to configure my keyboard (Up, Down, Left, Right … etc.) At the end of this process there is an OK button I cannot seem to navigate past.

    Any ideas for troubleshooting?

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