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    I am having a bit of a nightmare with controllers. (pi3, latest retropie build)

    I am now using a PS3 controller (official) wireless, which works fine as long as the keyboard isn’t plugged in. However when I do plug my keyboard in, the PS3 controller defaults to Player 2 in any game I enter. I have not set the keyboard up as a controller.

    I have tried starting over and using a fresh image, but it’s still doing the exact same thing.

    If anybody can help solve the above problem I would be happy, but for a bonus here are some of issues I have had, which I’ll probably give up on: –
    -Xbox pad (offical, wired) when installed used 2 player slots in games, even when it wasn’t plugged in.
    -Xpad was also defaulting to player 2 when keyboard is plugged in
    -8Bitdo SFC30 connected by Bluetooth, was working fine, and was always player one, (I think the guide in the wiki coded it like this). But then it started connecting but the keys weren’t registering properly, in the command line you can see loads of errors after you pressed a button on the pad in emulationstation. This hasn’t been setup at all on my new image, so I don’t think this was causing the other controllers to change ports. Now I can’t even connect to it now, if I {sudo bluetoothctl}, then try to type its frozen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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