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    Hi all… I’ve been messing about with RetroPie for most of the day, I’ve got some things working but not other and I’m not too sure why…

    I’m finding that though there’s a fair bit of info out there I’m not too sure whether it relates to the current version etc…

    So questions –

    Am I meant to upgrade using the 16 hour binary install?

    I’m on about when one runs the script at ~/ and gets the blue menu… The top option is

    Binaries-based INSTALLATION

    the second is


    I’m not sure what these are referring to..? I mean, I’ve already installed it, haven’t I? Or not?

    The script – that’s to install the items listed within it? Is the other one ( ~/ ) meant to be run first?

    How to I show you lot what version I’m currently running?

    I’ve been able to get somethings working for the SNES emulator, I’ve just dropped the rom files into


    And they’ve worked alright…. I can’t seem to use amiga though, or mame, I’m not sure why this is or if things work differently etc…

    Also I want to connect the PS3 controller to it by USB Bluetooth, bought one about 30 minutes ago and I’m pretty sure its not compatible…. any of you lot using one that works? What is it?

    Any help appreciated, cheers all!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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