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    Many of us are having problems connecting a second (third/forth) controller right?

    Here is an idea for retropie developers..Instead of having a retroarch-joyconfig file why not having 4 of them?? (One for each player)

    Like retroarch-joyconfig_p1, retroarch-joyconfig_p2, retroarch-joyconfig_p3 and retroarch-joyconfig_p4, where p1 is player 1 etc..

    Of course, when you run retroarch-joyconfig_p2 it WONT OVERWRITE data of p1 controller in retroarch.cfg file, but it will automatically paste controller 2 data into the retroarch.cfg file (it will change the index of the first “set of controls” to index”1″ from index”0″)

    I am a linux noob to do it, but i think it is not too difficult..

    Only a thought though..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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