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    I’m trying to figure out the keys for my gamepad, so I quit emulation and exited to the command line.

    I first tried typing jstest /dev/input/js0
    only to get: Command not found

    So I eventually found the following command:
    sudo apt-get install joystick

    Which I ran. It proceeded to go though a process which then asked me if I wanted to continue. I selected yes only to get a short list of URLs all saying (111: Connection refused).

    I tried googling that and ended up seeing it’s likely something regarding proxy setup. That being said, I’m not sure how to get around this…

    I’m using SD image 2.3. I’m a newbie & I’m not certain how to get around this problem so I can figure out my gamepad button mapping so I can assign them to emulators…

    Anybody have any help here???


    If you are trying to get a USB controller working with RetroPie, you can use the setup option in the RetroPie setup script.


    I’m not sure what you mean by RetroPie setup script.

    At first I thought you meant ./ but I quickly found this is a tool for downloading an updating the RetroPie binaries (which suffers from the EXACT same connection issue (111: Connection refused) when I try using it).

    The only other thing I can find corresponding with setup is the USB controller setup inside the emulator environment. The problem with this is it seems that mapping doesn’t carry though to the emulators too well, or at all…

    When I run one emulator only the direction pad and 1 button seem to be mapped correctly, the others are all over the place or non existent (‘start’ seems to be hiding in one of the primary keypad buttons, and one of the shoulder buttons has no effect (while the other shoulder button is the only one mapped correctly)).

    When I run another emulator I get no response from any of the buttons. I’m stuck at the intro screen…

    In spite of this, it appears the gamepad itself is properly recognized during setup (even though it only has me assign about half the buttons the gamepad has built in).

    This is why I planned on manually modifying the key mappings files in the individual emulator directories, but I ran into a complete inability to run any installers or updaters because there appears to be some kind of proxy automatically enabled on the SD 2.3 card image (and I’ve yet to figure out how to modify this setting).

    If there is something else I’m overlooking, I would really appreciate the help…


    Does this help? The video also shows where the default config files are.


    Are you connected to the internet?


    >Does this help? The video also shows where the default config files are.

    It did. I avoided the setup option because I could not do the first two items. I realize in hindsight that part was done for me.

    >Are you connected to the internet?

    I should be. The device is connected via an ethernet cable to a hub which all my consoles are connected to (and they all have an internet connection). It also is being given an IP address from my router, which I’m able to connect to with an FTP client….

    I haven’t messed with the network settings in any way… The only thing I can think is perhaps it’s not getting a valid name server…


    I have more information.

    I definitely have an active internet connection, which was confirmed by me a short time ago 2 separate ways.

    The first is that I exited to the command line and successfully pinged
    The second is I ran the scraper for the first time and downloaded the content.

    It appears ONLY updates/installs give me the connection error.

    Each update tries to connect to a url containing ‘mirror’ in it (I probably would re-run an update to get the full URL but I figured this would work for now).

    It seems specifically tied to the ‘apt-get’ command being unable to run. As of now I seemed to have gotten everything working so I don’t really need to run it. However if an update comes out I will not be able to update until I can find a fix for this…


    I’m going to solve this thread and start a separate one.

    I’ve determined I cannot access ‘’ which is preventing updates…

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