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    I am still quite new to Raspberry Pi and purchased one last week after reading about the RetroPie project.

    I have followed the instructions exactly and installed using the Source Based installation (the long one, took about 6 hours) and everything appeared to install ok. I can boot the Pi and it boots direct to emulation station which is great but it only gives me the option of Duke3d, Doom, Apple EMulation and Dos emulation.

    I cannot see any of the emulators? I would of expected them to appear on the main menu based on what I have read prior to buying/installing. After further research yesterday evening I transferred a few mega drive + snes roms on using FTP as documented in the install guide in the hope this would make the emulators show up.

    Can anyone out there help me out? I may have missed something obvious.


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    Slight update,

    I have been reading various topics on the forum and have read about the following file


    When I get home from work I will check this file to see if the format of my roms match the format in this file.

    Am I right in thinking that the emulator will show up if the roms are found in the correct format?

    Any input is appreciated

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    That is absolutely correct.

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