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    I have been trying to run a couple of N64 ROMs (Turok II and Mario Tennis). Both sort of do something, but they do so very slowly and seem to just…die. The audio is all crackly and sporadic, as if the rPi is struggling terribly to run the emulation. I’ve tried with 384/128 and 256/256 memory split. Both behaved the same.

    I was wondering…is overclocking a requirement to get these emulators for more modern machines to work? I haven’t been able to find any sort of confirmation of what sort of performance to expect from the N64 emulator on a stock standard rPi (model B).

    How much difference would the SD card make? I’m running on a crappy class 4 card at the moment, eagerly awaiting my class 10. Can’t imagine this would make much difference apart from load time though…?


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    No game is working! :-(
    Which mupen64plus Version for the pi is the newest?
    Which mupen64plus Version for retropie is the newest one?
    Whats wrong?


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    I read in a previous post that the Pi needs to be overclocked to the max ( I wouldnt do it tbh) and then most will run OK

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