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    Just wanted to know if anyone had a way. It would be really neat making a MUGEN PI. Then it would be a really cool cabinet item. So if anyone knows even how to get MUGEN on the PI, someone tell me!

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    I had the same thought yesterday! It would be an amazing addition to the RetroPie project. Looks like there is recent activity with the linux version. Maybe ask the developer directly? http://www.elecbyte.com/

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    I just wondered this those days too, we have two ways for doing this:

    1. Wine emulated Mugen with newest version
    2. Get the source code and compile Mugen for Linux (there is a project called “OpenMUGEN”)

    I don’t know if the newer release of elecbyte is avaliable for Linux plataforms…

    If anyone wants to try, I’m in!

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    Ok, update:

    1) We cannot run mugen on raspberry, it has a linux version on electbyte site, but it’s a x86 arch, raspberry pi runs on ARM arch.

    2) I couldn’t compile or install wine under ARM structure, so I cannot run winmugen.

    3) There is a OSM (Open Source Mugen) on sourceforge, but it has no updates or source code, wich we can’t compile.

    Resuming: We still can’t play Mugen on raspberry/retropie.

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    I’m a Linux senior and after trying and studying a lot, I found the awnser.

    I’ts NOT possible to run MUGEN in RetroPie with the Raspberry Pi (Version 1).

    1) The RPI doesn’t have enough hardware to run the game.
    2) The dos emulators (dosbox) run at a speed of around 20MHz 80486 (which equals a 40MHz 80386 machine) according to dev page, witch is not good to run games
    3) There IS a version of DOS mugen that can run in Linux (by dosbox), but the RPI does not accept the feature of charing memory.

    So, even if it was possible to emulate de DOS Mugen under x86 dos (dosbox), the game would run at…. 0.5 FPS ? It would be tooooooooo slooooowwwwww.

    Sorry guys, but this is the reality. The RPI isn’t good enough to run Mugen (and some sort of DOS games).

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    I had looked at this possibility a month or so ago and found a new project that combines MUGEN and OpenBOR (think mugen engine for games like Streets of Rage). The thread I’m linking below was the most helpful thread I found. Basically it can be run but at the moment it is very slow. They suggest another way of compiling that may let it run faster. I have not tried it yet.

    This is probably your best bet currently for running MUGEN.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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