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    I was using a retropie 2 with a IPAC2 to play to my arcade cabinet, after few difficulties it was working quite well with FBA and Mame roms.

    I built a new one, and I took this opportunity to change my SDCard and reinstall the last retropie.
    Before that I thaught to save the configuration for my IPAC2 that I paste in the retroarch.cfg of the new installation and my roms that I tested on retropie 2 that I paste also in the new installation.
    Unfortunatly when I started… most of the roms are not working anymore ! any idea ?
    And the IPAC is working much less :
    – when I’m in a rom, to left it, I had to push both start buttons, but now it is not working any more.
    – the button 3 and 6 switched I don’t why
    – the coin button (select) was not working

    I read that now I have to check the

    input_enable_hotkey = num5

    when I disabled it, I could leave the rom with the two start buttons, but :
    – the button activate a kind of “turbo” and it is not working as a button
    – the button 2 is a “reset”
    – the button 4 is going to “retroarch menu”

    I’m bit lost, do you have any information to help me ?

    thanks !

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    I hope that someone answer because im having similar problems. Questions: are u trying to play MAME roms? What rom doesnt work?? Coin button problem is for all the roms??

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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