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    Pi Model: 2
    RetroPie Version Used: Tested 2.6.0 and 3.0.0 Beta 4
    Built From: SD Images
    USB Devices connected: With and without logitech k400 wireless kb adapter
    Controller used: Standard suzo/happ arcade buttons joysticks
    Error messages received:

    SysRq : HELP : loglevel(0-9) reboot(b) crash(c) terminate-all-tasks(e) memol-oom-kill(f) debug(g) kill-all-tasks(i) thaw-filesystery-fulms(j) sak(k) show-backtrace-all-active-cpus(l) show-memory-usage(m) nice-all-RT-tasks(n) poweroff(o) show-registers(p) show-all-timers(q) unraw(r) sync(s) show-task-states(t) unmount(u) show-blocked-tasks(w) dump-ftrace-buffer(z)

    Guide used: Petrockblog, retropie wiki
    How to replicate the problem: Happens every boot intermittently but reliably


    I’ve built a retropie following all of the information here and on the wikis. I purchased a controlblock for the arcade buttons. From the very first boot after some random time the console is flooded with the above error repeatedly, though in fits and starts. ES starts, sometimes I’ve even been able to play, but dropping back to the console shows this error repeating, and dmesg shows the same. I’ve done searches for raspi with this message and came across what I believe may be related (but not exact), but I can’t be sure:

    It does resemble noise on the GPIO pins, but I am not touching them. I’ve removed the 3.5mm sound input just in case it was noisy and no change. I’ve removed the cat5 cable and the kb adapter to leave nothing but power and HDMI and the problem still occurs. I used the beta 4 and the 2.6 image with the same result. I swapped in a new pi 2 as well, no change in behavior. I am leaning toward the controlblock since it is the only component I have yet to swap out, but I have 2 more on order and do not have them yet.

    Is this something anyone else has seen?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have not seen that behavior yet, interesting. Does this also happen with the ControlBlock connected, but without any connections to buttons and joystick(s)?

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    I unscrewed and removed all button and joystick wiring except power button and power led. ~30 minutes in and no sign of this error.

    Have you any idea of what could be causing this? The wiring is 1 joystick and 10 buttons – simple happ microswitch style – and a daisy chained ground.

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    I’ve obtained another controlblock and installed/wired it. So far no sysrq flood. I will post again if I do, but I would appreciate any thoughts on what happened if at all possible. I hate not knowing, hah.


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