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    Moises Jimenez

    Where should my exec.bin and grom.bin files be dropped into? Same as rom?


    I have not yet spent much time with that. But detailed information about the Intellivision emulator can be found at [URL][/URL].


    I tried placing the exec.bin and grom.bin files in my Retropie>roms>intellivision folder but I’ve still had no joy in playing ROMs with this emulator. I tried 6 different ROMs just in case, but nothing.

    I’ve also tried to adjust the resolution from -z0 to -z1 in es_systems.cfg to match my RCA LCD screen resolution but to no avail, everytime I try to load a ROM it spits me back to the intellivision emulator menu.

    Anyone get this working? I’ve been up and down the link that Petrockblog provided but haven’t found much more that is helpful.


    I put my exec.bin and grom.bin in:

    This is one of the two paths that the emulator is set to look in. The jzintv and subfolder rom did not exist so I had to create them..

    cd /usr/local/share
    sudo mkdir jzintv
    sudo mkdir jzintv/rom

    and then I moved the exec.bin and gbrom.bin file from my intellivision rom directory:
    sudo mv ~/Retropie/roms/intellivision/* /usr/local/share/jzintv/rom

    Then I was able to launch my intellivision roms… hope this helps!


    Thanks a lot for that! I already put that information into the Wiki at :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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