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    Hey guys,

    I just installed Retropie 3.4 after formatting my SD card and starting fresh.

    I am running on a RPi2 Model B and a 1080p 60hz LED TV connected via HDMI, using the rp-video-manager with an overlay provided therein.

    I noticed while testing some PSX games that the black levels / color levels suffer from massive discoloration, with green boxes around alot of the menus and text.

    I’ve tried changing the retroarch render res. and my video output mode via the “X” menu while launching game, with no change in discoloration.

    I have attached a screenshot displaying an example of my problem.

    Any / all help is greatly appreciated. Retropie rocks ^_^

    EDIT: Video discoloration seems to be PSX only. NES / SNES / GEN are displaying properly.

    EDIT 2: Just tried 1.) Updating existing 3.4 installation to 3.5 via update script. 2.) Formatting SDCard, writing 3.4 image then updating to 3.5 fresh and 3.) Fully disabling rp-video-manager. Unfortunately discoloration in PSX persists. No other consoles are displaying visual anomalies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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