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    Its just an idea for now to make a BMO using retropiehere is a portable n64 that is the approx size of the BMO
    For those who don’t know who dont know who BMO is he is a portable robot-console from cartoon series “Adventure Time”here take this picture
    so the hardware is easy to make,the problem is the OS
    i have chosen RetroPie because it alredy can play games,
    Now we need to fork RetroPie to play fulscreen videos of beemos face that i will make but they will be like this(he will speek if you move infront of his camera he will say this
    also if you type stuff in the console (a question tab) that is activated by pressing a button on his belly(also there is a keyboard option(usb))
    he will activate retropie’s interface and games will be playable

    console.word == raw_input:
    if console.word == "Play me a song bmo" or "play a song" or "bmo play me a song":
      omxplayer myvideo.mp4

    of corse you will need to do it better than me beacuse that is just and example of poorly written phyton + Gnome

    also for omxplayer (we need to make a better player that can only be closed if a button is pressed and it oppens RetroPie) there is a Gnome code needed

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get -y install omxplayer

    of course when

    so i need help with the os (if you dont want to make it just give me some advice)
    also the project may continue if i have engout support

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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