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    (this is my 3rd attempt at posting this topic… waited 24 hours and still says no topics created in my account.)

    I’ve configured up/down/left/right/a/b to my IPAC 2 (older ps/2 model) that worked fine in MAME32. But when I press and hold a button (like left or right or any of them), they register the keypress, but then after a second stop. I have to release the button and press it again. So moving is impossible.

    I’m thinking it’s some kind of keyrepeat issue or maybe something in the IPAC? Keyboard works fine by itself. I’ve also tried only using the IPAC2.

    Latest Retropie/emulationstation (last monday)
    RPi B+ 2 (used the right img for 2)
    IPAC 2 PS/2 with passive ps/2 to usb dongle

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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