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    hi guys,

    i’ve been trying to get this to work for some time now, without success

    i have a RPi 2 B and it won’t boot retro pi

    i have flashed the 2.6 image directly to a sd card with win32disk imager as described in many tutorials but when i connect my pi to my monitor the screen stays black

    IT GETS SIGNAL, cus my monitor doesn’t go in sleep mode but it’s just black

    if i look closely to the status led it’s randomly flashing the first seconds (which is a good thing) but then it flashes really faint every second. and with very faint i mean you need to get close. -face 2 cm from the print- close

    i have tried with various OS such as retropie but with raspbian too. no luck

    so am i just the lucky one with a broken pi2 ?

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    Check the cable :) Is it pushed in to the Pi properly?

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    of course i did xD

    and if it wasn’t plugged in correctly my screen would’ve gone into sleep mode probably wich it doesn’t so it gets signal

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    I had a similiar issue-if the monitor is older turn it on first, then power up the Pie, or check this out:

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