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    It seems the majority of retropie user fall in 2 camps. Those that build arcades with game controller/Pads and those that build traditional joystick and Happ buttons. Would it be possible to have a SETUP Video (Floob) for IPAC2 as it only has 1 USB plug in and shows up as 1 controller when most of us have 2 Joysticks (Player2). There seems to be TONS of infor and Videos on Gamepads but none on IPAC2/4. This would greatly simplify 2 controller or joystick setup of IPAC for non program types.

    A Option in setup of Retro Pie in next version for IPAC would be great as well. I know I am not alone as I see questions on this subject continuously.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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